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Peregrinação ao Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Pilar - Póvoa de Lanhoso.

Peregrinação ao Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Pilar - Póvoa de Lanhoso.

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Double layered delicate silver chain anklet Perfect for layering with more anklets. Materials: Delicate sterling silver chain with tiny flat tubes.

Something blue ribbon and silver rhinestone barefoot sandals for your fairy tale beach wedding. Our enchanting foot jewels are as perfect as true love's first kiss. The something blue satin ribbon can

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Our rhinestone barefoot sandals are as perfect as true love's kiss. Silver rhinestone barefoot sandals with black satin ribbon for your fairy tale wedding. Enchanted bridal foot jewelry, the ribbon ca

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beach wedding or not, im considering going barefoot for my wedding. Spares the cost of shoes and possibly some pinched toe and heel pressure pain.



“Earthing”, the practice of connecting with the earth’s energy based on scientific fact. Earth emits a constant flow of direct current which flows in electrons from the earth having natural anti-inflammatory effects and moving relatively fast throughout the body. We benefit from tapping into this energy force. A walk while barefoot in the grass, along the beach or while swimming in our oceans, lakes and rivers, is all it takes to absorb this energy.

Top 5 Reasons to Start Earthing Now!

Grounding/Earthing scientific studies show benefits to connecting to the earth constant flow of energy barefoot, lying, sitting with bare skin contact. A combination of this and breathing exercises.

Widows of Nazare Portugal

Widows of Nazare Portugal wearing distinctive black capes