iIllustrations by Olex Oleole | GRAVERAVENS

Ink illustration by artist Olex Oleole give the appearance of coming from an older vintage dictionary.

Your body doesn't give up on you, It doesn't say I've had enough of you, It's time you left and found someplace else. Your body doesn't give up on you

i love this, just imagine if you could like walk up to people and crank them up and listen to the sound of their heart.

Me & My Besties Next Tattoo! Only It's Gonna Say "my Sister.i Carry Your Heart In My Heart" - Tattoo Ideas Top Picks

Un autre monde

Beautifully Detailed Collages and Engravings by Paula Braconnot “The collages act as conduits, allowing precise themes such as time, the cold beauty of death and irrepressible life to come to the.

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is. you make of my heart your home, welcome, no need to knock, you're already home.

The Jellybrainfish by ~TmoeGee #Tentacles #Jellyfish #Illustration #Brain

My submission for Dark Horse's Goon FanArt Contest. ("The Goon" by Eric Powell) I did not win Goon is fighting against the sea monster while Franky is lightly distracted by the well racked tentacle.

Geodinosaur - Animals meet geometry in striking illustration series.

Animals meet geometry in striking illustration series

5438382_8811838_b.jpg 400×489 píxeles

5438382_8811838_b.jpg 400×489 píxeles

Drawing on We Heart It

two faced type style skull drawing artwork. absolutely beautiful, I want this tattooed!