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ABS or PLA? Choosing The Right Filament

ABS is great for bracelets since it flexes

The Difference Between ABS and PLA for 3D Printing

There are many materials that are being explored for 3D Printing, however you will find that the two dominant plastics are ABS and PLA. Here is where the two plastics divide and will help to explain why different groups prefer one over the other.

WER 3mm White ABS 3 D Printer Filament Material- 1kg Spool (2.2 Lbs) - Dimensional Accuracy /- 0.05mm *** Click image for more details.

5 Quick tips for abs prints.

Most 3d printer owners tend to avoid ABS for a number of reasons. Some stem from misinformation some stem from fear but most are just because they can't get prints to turn out using abs. This is a shame really because when you think about it we are trying to get the strongest prints available. Out of the 2 main printer filaments ABS and PLA The former is the better filament. Don't blow up the comments I will explain. First there is heat resistance. Parts made in ABS will hold up better to…

3D Printer Chat - Your 3D Printing Community

Conductive Filament is much stronger than typical ABS or PLA. This makes it perfect for printing 3D objects such as hand-tools, hooks, or parts which require tooling. Maybe something for 3D Printer Chat? Maybe something for 3D Printer Chat?

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Marcus Thymark's Open-Source FilaMaker Shreds and Recycles Plastic for 3D Printing

3-D printing Rules ! - 3D Printing branches out with new clay-based filament for ceramics | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

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