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Something we loved from Instagram! You conceive your world in your mind and then create with your hands. Photo by #REKA #rekastudios by rekastudios Check us out

One Man, A Raspberry Pi, and a Formerly Hand Powered Loom

Fred Hoefler's project to adapt a hand-powered loom so it can be controlled by a Raspberry Pi is a great way of mixing textiles and technology. You can find all the posts related to the project on Fred's blog at

Light painting is an artistic photographic technique combining long exposure times with lights in motion. Traditionally these images have been hand-painted with a penlight…but more recently, affordable microcontrollers and addressable RGB LEDs have brought a new high-tech twist to the idea.

Retro DIY Mini Mac Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

An Apple ultra nerd built what may be the world's tiniest functioning Macintosh computer. It's amazing.

Punch cards in use on a Jacquard loom at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, England

Create your own cloud server on the Raspberry Pi 2

16 Amazing Things You Can Do With a Raspberry PI Buy One Now:

Want to turn your Raspberry Pi Into a CCTV security system?

Simple Raspberry Pi File Server

Freq Show: Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Scanner is a new guide in the adafruit learning system: Have you ever wondered what’s in the radio waves zipping invisibly around you every day? Software-defined rad...