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An awesome Virtual Reality pic! Waiting for the wildlife to behave as always... #wildlife #nature #filmmaking #360video #vr #virtualreality #wildlifephotography #sony #Sonya7s #sonyimages by tonkie7 check us out:

hope than one day it couldn't be other way

TELL President Joko Widodo: SHUT DOWN THE TRAVELING DOLPHIN CIRCUS NOW! JAAN and Dolphin Project have constructed a sea pen, where the dolphins would be rehabilitated and released back to the wild. However, the government has not issued promised permits to JAAN and Dolphin Project for these illegal dolphins, despite a previous agreement to turn over these abused animals. Please Sign & Share Widely In CONDEMNATION!

Maciej Duczynski

Hunt in virtual reality while experiencing the thrill of being in the wild nature.Use your weapon to kill animals as much as you can, but be sure to watch your ammunition as you can easily run out of bullets. To avoid doing so pick up an ammo box while playing. Score as much as you can and share your results with your friends and other players worldwide in our live leaderboard.

[Video] | This Bizarre Helmet Lets You See The Wild Through The Eyes... - TIMEWHEEL

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Virtual Reality Device Allows Users to Wander the Forest through the Eyes of an Animal

In the Eyes of an Animal created by design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast, allows you to take a fascinating journey through the forest with the eyes of an animal. #technology

Very Beautiful Yellow Parakeet

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DIVE INTO THE EYE OF THE ANIMAL AT SUNDANCE INFO: To see updates as the project evolves follow us on instagram: This new commission enables audiences to encounter England’s forests anew through an immersive virtual reality experience, told by the inhabitants of the forest. A 360º film, it is an artistic interpretation of the sensory perspectives ...