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Christine Mauersberger: Stitched Lines

Pickstitchers with patience  not all those who wander are lost(India Flint blog).

Australian Textile Designer- India Flint-Pickstitchers with patience not all…

Christine Mauersberger - Google zoeken

Christine Mauersberger: Pushing Lines Over Time.

feeling stitchy: Stitchy Snippets - TEXTiles: Effie Jessop

{Self Portrait, Johnny} embroidery Effie Jessop .

Mottainai is a Japanese expression of regret for wasted resources, time, or talents.  The mending of old fabric is a part of this tradition. The root of the word is Buddhist --- to treat all things with the respect they deserve. It can translate as "too precious to waste".

Sashiko stitched & heavily layered boro kotatsu (brazier) cover Courtesy of…

Mind Map  Hand-stitched Silk/Wool embroidery thread on Linen © Christine Mauersberger

Mind Map Hand-stitched Silk/Wool embroidery thread on Linen © Christine Mauersberger

artspotting: Emily Barletta

I hate cross stitch but I like this by Emily Barletta

colors of life

Emily Barletta, Untitled thread and paper

Judy's Journal: beginning with time: day-- The earthy warm brown of the reclaimed overdyed wool blanket (previously pink) is becoming connected to the central part with rows of seed stitch.

Another update on the wild pure piece. I& been stitching diligently and have filled the central area with strips of plant dyed wool sti.

Judy Martin's stitches

Essentially primitive art, pretty gradation of colors judy martin

Navy Kantha Woven –

Navy Kantha Woven

Navy Kantha Woven –

Rieko Koga

Rieko KOGA - Work Des pas 65 x 49 cm Hand embroidery on linen Private collection.

White embroidery stitches on linen                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Lovely tone on tone linen and white embroidery piece.

Japanese Textile Designs

Sashiko - traditional Japanese fabric designs for Zentangle inspiration


Detail the yoke of a dyed blue top with the variegated blue thread

Sashiko Cheat Sheet

hand-stitching: sashiko cheat sheet

This Sashiko Cheat Sheet will help you get started with the traditional Japanese embroidery technique.