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The Amazon milk frog, a large species of arboreal frog native to the Amazon Rainforest in South America.

27 Tiny Animals That Will Warm Your Heart Today

Amazing Macro Photography by Shikhei Goh. Born in Dabo Singkep (Riau Islands), Shikhei lives in Batam Island, an industrial island about 45 minutes by boat from Singapore. Shikhei has a great passion for Macro photography.

Amazing Macro Photography by Shikhei Goh

Because sometimes you just need a dancing frog to make you smile ; Remember the dancing frog in the Looney Tunes cartoons?

tree frog and chalkhill blue butterfy | photo wil mijer

“ Tree frog and chalk hill blue butterfly, photo Wil Mijer ” -Frog: Ohhh! You are a beautiful.

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"This pregnant frog with translucent skin is one of five “lost” amphibian species recently rediscovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo." Thanks to Hannah Livesay "God's Creatures.

tiny frog in a daffodil

Bright and touching from Bob Garas. Full news contains 29 more pictures Bright and touching from Bob Garas.

Photograph shaded swing by Savas Sener

Spirit of the frog - totem - transiition and renewal. Hold on tight dear one, the flower has your back. shaded swing by Savas Sener on TINY frog! the flower it's on is less than an inch wide!

Garden frogs at Flower Hut Nursery - Wheatland, California.

Garden frogs at Flower Hut Nursery - Wheatland, California.

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Tree Frog ♥ They are called the Coqui frog in Puerto Rico because of their call. Co-KEY __ Note: This is not a coquí. This is the red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas). –– Photo: Red eyed tree frog by Peter Krejzl

Grenouille Arc en ciel

Not seen since 1924 and never photographed: an adult female Borneo Rainbow Toad, also referred to as Sambas Stream Toad (Ansonia latidisca).

~~Tigers Treefrog ~ Hyloscirtus Tigrinus by Thomas Marent~~

Tigers Treefrog Hyloscirtus Tigrinus Art Print by Thomas Marent

Habitat: Colombia, Ecuador Status: Endangered This awesome frog is the Tiger’s Treefrog (Hyloscirtus tigrinus) and I’m sure you can see how it got its common name. If a tiger and a frog hooked up… well, you’d get this guy.

"I just can't seem to get grasshoppers off my mind lately...hmmmmmm.

Photographer Lessy Sebastian has taken these images of frogs in his back garden in Jakarta, Indonesia. Picture: Lessy Sebastian/Barcroft Media (via Beautiful Frogs - Telegraph)