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Eheheh!! Tá certo!

It's ok to be alone for the right reasons

O cão que comeu o livro...: Tá certo, tá certíssimo! / There can be no doubts

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It's not been an easy day! If only this photo had been taken today clear blue skies and crisp cold air might have helped. I thought I was doing pretty well with everything all things considered but having to go for a scan after developing pain and a temperature has brought back a lot of what I had managed to block out Nothing major going on luckily but the pain took me right back to the fear I felt I still don't really understand everything that happened or how it was missed. There are…

Plus Size Ring Duo

Plus Size Ring Duo Ok, so I bought these rings online and didn't believe the plus size part. I thought they were making it up. Completely bummed out though because I adore the rings, especially the one that looks like a turban. But they are too big for even my thumbs. They are about a size 9 I think... My largest finger is a size 8 and these fall right off. But super cute. Give them a happy home! Charlotte Russe Jewelry Rings

Tim Sharp on

This is so perfect! Sometimes I have often thought to myself, why does this person act like they don't like me? Why don't they invite me places? Why don't they ask me how I'm Doing like I ask them? As I've gotten older I realize not everyone likes who you are. And that's ok! You're not everyone's cup of tea :)

On my last wash day I used some of the new products especially my conditioners. You can find a first impression kind of review on my blog (link in bio). The Trader Joe's nourish spa conditioner didn't do anything. I was shocked because I saw so many great reviews on it and read the ingredients it contained(alot of good stuff!) so I ordered for it. But the one I got was looking different from the one I saw reviews on (Olori pictured the one I saw reviews on which wasn't the one I got). While…

ITS NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY YET !!! is this a treat...correction...MY FAVE HEALTHY TREAT EVER NAMED AFTER ME?!!!! IT SOOOO FRIGGEN IS!!!!! Vava's Happy Snacks. Raw.Organic.Vegan. banana almonds cacao nibs goji berries and Himalayan salt THAT'S IT! Ok I eat dessert and treats everyday as you know but it's stuff like this. I still eat too much of it like now...haha I got a surprise delivery of 4 bags and while taking this pic I was so excited I ate the whole bag! haha its what I do!! I'm in the… must break in order to find yourself whole again..