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Tails From China #4109 (02-16-2015): Paradoxes of pets and China's One Child Policy - Radio Pet Lady Network

The talented, the quirky, the delightful Dr. Seuss. How I love the simplicity of his profoundness. His books are my favourite gifts to give. For adults and kids.

A Scary Yet Amazing Story

A Scary Yet Amazing Story

Sidekicks by Dan Santat This book was about a dog, cat, gerbil, and a gecko who save the world. My favorite character was the cat because he can use electricity to shock people. I liked this book because 1) it's a comic and 2) I like the idea of animals that want to be superheroes. You should read this book because it can be funny. It can be cool and fun and it's just a book that's good to read.

199 Common Plants to Avoid
de Jeanne Foguth's Blog

199 Common Plants to Avoid

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Guerra De Água, Crianças, Água, Jogar, Criança, Verão


A clever and cheeky little black and white cat who sneaks off on an African safari with the Allen family... Her journey into the heart of Baragandiri in search of the Allens, after she has become separated from them... Terrifying encounters (mainly involving teeth) with the wild animals there... Nyanya, an old but ferocious lioness, who plans to attack Thomas and Amy, the Allen children, while they are asleep in their tent... Only Sheena can save the children. But first she must find them.