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Filhote de zebra com jumento nasce em zoológico do México - Sustentabilidade - Estadão

Filhote de zebra com jumento nasce em zoológico do México

Khumba is a rare "zonkey", born in Mexico, his mother is a zebra, his father an albino donkey - april 2014

Looks like a Clydesdale/Zebra mix. Cool looking!

Zorse foal - Clydesdale/ Zebra hybrid: oh my goodness I love these things!

Laughing zebra

Zebra stallion showing the stiff upper lip. Jas has been taking lessons from this zebra

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The Zorse is one of a number of equine hybrids that are known as Zebroids, which…

Zebra love

Animal World Zebra family hugging mother mom zebra, father and baby zebra nuzzling, loving

Newborn baby zonkey. Italian. Half donkey half sneaky neighbor zebra!

Ippo a rare baby Zonkey ~ foal of a male zebra and female donkey. A ZONKEY?

<3 *_*

The Maltese Tiger The unique Maltese Tiger is the rarest tiger in the world. It is also known as Blue Tiger. The Maltese tiger, or blue tiger, is a reported but unproven coloration morph of a tiger, reported mostly in the Fujian Province of China.

Mrs. Hundley - my friends Victoria and Lisa's grandma had this picture up on her bathroom wall... Idk why but whenever I see this picture it just brings a flood of memories back for me, I loved that house and that family

Friendship is one of the most precious gift of life. A person who has true friends in life is lucky enough. Friendship makes life thrilli.

Zebra nuzzles

Zebra Mother & baby Me and Celia.Although, to be honest, I hope she isn't a zebra. I don't want her to deal with this syndrome too :(

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Zebra + Donkey = Zonkey Like most hybrid breeds, zonkeys are infertile, and unable to produce offspring. They can happen naturally, when zebras and donkeys are kept in close proximity to each other, or humans can intentionally breed them.

A rare black, or melanistic, zebra | Rare Animals in Black | Pinterest

Sometimes, zebras are born with some strange stripe patterns. These zebras are called black zebras. These photos all illustrate the variety possible in the stripes or, in the bottom photo, “spots” of the zebra.

This is all we would need to complete our farm LOL...a Zonkey!!! I wonder hard Turner could have him bucking!!!

A ZONKEY Named "Khumba"! Born at a Mexico Zoo in April Zoo officials say donkey-zebra mix is very rare. Dad was a donkey. She got her Mom's beautiful legs though! She was born in Reynosa! See article/more pics: