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Patrick and Pete ❤

unholy pictures of pete wentz - 6k views??

Gotta love my Pete !

I personally love how Pete points to Patrick when he says "boys next door" and points to himself when he says "assholes". Lol Pete <<< Pete looks proud of making Patrick sing that

Patrick and Pete

Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz - Fall Out Boy. The cutest friends in the history of the world.

young blood chronicles - Google Search

The person you take the bullet for is behind the trigger- miss missing you Patrick killed pete in miss missing you.// I think Pete also said he'd take a bullet for Patrick.


the only real FOB fanpage . Here you can find all kinds of photos, videos, facts and figures about FOB!

Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump

This pic is so amazing, Pete,s trying to be all cool but Patrick is just a standing there looking hella cute

They really are best friends and Patrick was there for Pete during his depression which I think is awesome #BROTP

Every emo has a sunshiny friend. Its like, the logics of emoness.<<<<<you can be that sunshiny friend and still be slightly emo.