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The YBC commentary is the best thing ever!

The YBC commentary is the best thing ever!


Aww so cute

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy (minus joe)

Fall Out Boy - love that they did this :)

Fall Out Boy recreating the "Take This To Your Grave" album cover 💕

Hahaha! It makes andy look so different!

my Patrick stump costume idea XD

I love the fact that they did that. It shows how down to earth they are and that they care.

this is why they are better than most mainstream bands



I heard you talking. Might I join?

I was at the mall doing my own thing when these two girls walked passed me and I swear I hear "fall out boy".I literally just dropped everything and did this face XP


Pat) when I see people in public wearing a FOB shirt

Fall Out Boy Backgrounds Wallpaper

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Even as nerds these guys still look good

Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance Love this song (older song)

Patrick stump/ a Ghostbuster's quote! Awwww, another reason to love him!

Pre-hiatus Patrick stump/ a Ghostbuster's quote!

Magazine design | Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy for Kerrang! Magazine | 30 April 2014

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy for Kerrang!

HahahahaahhahahahahahahHahaahhahahahahahaha! I live for that comment wow...

I watched this video and I swear I could be the commenter because I thought the exact same thing.

His face tho

you need a snickers joe<<< THAT is so true<<< *hands Joe a snickers* EAT IT I DARE YA!<<<<< He needs a mikey way not a snickers