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anna, queen of my world

Anna Karina and Michel Subor on the set of Le Petit Soldat. Photographed by Angelo Frontoni, c.1960.

Anna Karina and Michel Subor on the set of Le Petit Soldat. By Angelo Frontoni,

Anna Karina in Alphaville. Love.

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"I think a director should do at least one part in his life- He should know how difficult it can be to be an actor."

I am so endlessly inspired by the gorgeous Anna Karina. She was the lover, wife and muse to Jean-Luc Goddard(just to clarify I say 'was' onl.

Anna Karina - Ce soir ou jamais - Bergamo Film Meeting

Steal her Style: Anna Karina – Bernadette Hutson, Paris

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don juan's reckless daughter: Monday Muses: Anna Karina

Anna Karina

Anna Karina photographed by Jack Garofalo,

Anna Karina

Anna Karina

Anna Karina in Made in USA directed by Jean-Luc Godard, 1966

Anna Karina in Le Petit Soldat

the original quirky girl: anna karina

Anna Karina

Anna Karina (born 22 September is a Danish-born French film actress who is best known for her work with and relationship with Jean-Luc Godard in the With her expressive, luminous eyes and radiant presence she.


Anna Karina in Alphaville

Anna Karina

Anna Karina and four eyed donkey.

Vintage photo of Anna Karina grooming

Anna Karina

If I wasn't allergic to eye makeup, I'd try to look like Anna Karina in Alphaville pretty much all the time.

Anna Karina in Shéhérazade, 1963.

Anna Karina in Shéhérazade,