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So I heard about this but I was hoping it was a joke.. Am I the only person who can see Niall laughing at everything elmo says and not wanting to leave after or...?

Ahhhhhhh One Direction + Sesame Street = My life and Childhood

Oh my gosh when they showed this in the movie I cracked up.. Harry stop being adorable<3

the fact that harry went up to some foreign dude while filming the movie and called him his brother makes me die of laughter

Ha i quisiera un novio

Awww Harry He reuses his outfits I'm not complaining just saying.>> I love Harry Edward Styles he is just perfection

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

I love harry in long sleeved shirts, and when he puts the sleeves like in his hands "sweater paws" eeeeek

I'm like ow! You're given my heart attack, looking like you do!

Naughty Dreams [[MORE]] “(Y/N)? Wake up babe!” “Harry says as he nudges your arm lightly. “Are you okay babe?