photograph of a philosophical orang-utan

Orange Juice, an orangutan that was like a motherly figure to Pi, wouldn't be something Pi would forget. This brave and strong monkey is an important part of Pi's life.

Chameleon - Paul Bratescu (amazing photography, and you can order prints!)

Fabulous shot of a crested gecko ~. That is most certainly a panther chameleon. He doesn't even look like a crested gecko.

Haha selfie!

Last time we brought you dog photobombs. This month, check out these funny dog selfies. Enjoy these dog selfie pics.


Baby wolf + baby tiger, I think I'm gonna die of cuteness ♥ this is so sweet!

So many owls!

make your self feel woolly inside and relieve exam stress with this cool cute pic of owl babies Where do these people live? I want to live in a place where owls are apparently available by the handful.

Be careful, fool

Look at the panda in the floor, he doesn’t care about anything…hahahaha silly pandas!

Pallas cat.  He looks so grumpy, I just want to give him a hug!

Pallas cat - endangered species, hunted & trapped for their fur.

That’s the problem these days…

Funny pictures about Teenage photographers. Oh, and cool pics about Teenage photographers. Also, Teenage photographers photos.

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Why can't you guys get it right! You're supposed to be "dashing" through the snow.not "walking" through the snow.

Single single double!

Funny pictures about This polar bear can dance. Oh, and cool pics about This polar bear can dance. Also, This polar bear can dance.

A tree frog appears to flip the bird at photographer

House prices are still rising but at a much slower rate than a year ago

♡♥Crazy frog flips the bird at the camera taker ♥♡

Newborn Stingrays

Baby Rays, by Jonathan Selwood-Hogg -- "Cute. Those aren't eyes, they are the nostrils but it looks like a little face." // This photo is often shared with a caption that reads "Baby stingrays look like raviolis stuffed with tiny damned souls".

22 Hilarious Hump Day photos

nymfanfic: letyoursoul: keepmywhiskeyneat: pickkled-ginger: life-of-planet-earth: Vine Snake it looks like a judgmental shoelace. "hiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss shirt looks stupid" I LOVE THIS LITTLE PRECIOUS THING OMG "Judgmental shoelace.