The German Shepherd

This describes me because i hate diamonds and i love my dog which is a german shepard and her name is "isis" but she is not named after the terroest she was named after the egyption godess "isis" so yeh.

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Cute sign that could be put up. Change it to chihuahua(:

German Shepherds are such sweet dogs.but fiercely loyal protectors. Gosh, I miss my boys. They were such amazing dogs.

So true.

So true.

F' true.

German shepherd owner never alone in the bathroom Actually, once you become a furrbaby parent, you quickly learn that you will NEVER close to restroom door.

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German Shepherd Military K9 Wounded Warrior - Thank You Hero for your Service & God Bless you!

Thank You for Your Sacrifice, Soldier ♡ <----God bless the military dogs, too!