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Rotating Eco-Friendly Dome Home Spins on a Central Axis Like a UFO landed in the distance, this dome home is deceptively still – nothing about it.

Casa domo

Last night Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast, leaving NYC broken—in the case of the house that got its façade ripped off or the collapsed and/or flooded streets, a lot broken. The worst is.



Earthbag, aprende a hacer una casa con sacos de tierra.

Earthbags, aprende a hacer una casa con sacos de tierra paso a paso

Due to its shape and materials used, the earthbag house has less area than your…

Domos Geodésicos

Domos Geodésicos

Dome house in Nizhny Tagil, the village Serebryanka

Dome house in Nizhny Tagil, the village Serebryanka

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ceramic house in colombia by Octavio Mendoza.

Экстерьер современного модульного дома

Silo style in Woodland, Utah Called Monte-Silo, this round house sits next to the Provo River. A second-story deck offers water views. The unique dwelling, which is made from two corrugated metal grain silos, is a mere 27 feet in diameter.

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The Dome House by Australian architecture firm McBride Charles Ryan was deliberately designed as an unfinished puzzle here in a quiet suburb of Melbourne.

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Astral Dome Home. I love they Idea of a glass roof to see the stars at night. Also the walk way / Balcony around the balcony is a great Idea. Would love to sit there and have a stunning view.

Céation de Marc Newson pour présenter sa nouvelle collection de montres. Inspiration des films de science fiction, etc.

The Watch Quote: The Ikepod Solaris watch with Ikedome presented in its "Bucky Ball" by Marc Newson

Esta es una de las muchas casas castreñas de Felin Uchaf en Gales, donde se encuentran los restos de más de 1.000 castros de la Edad de Hierro, cada uno de ellos incluye varias casas circulares similares. Los celtas construyeron sus casas con los materiales naturales disponibles. Las casas castreñas de Felin Uchaf se construyen de la misma manera, utilizando solamente materiales naturales disponibles en la zona o tierras cercanas. www.naturalhomes.org/es/

Wattle and daub is one of the oldest building techniques dating back to the Bronze Age and beyond. Wattling is a way to build walls by weaving long flexible sticks in and out of upright posts. Hazel, which is pliable and grows naturally long, is a good sp

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Rain harvesting, water cachment, roof design, and custom homes with sustainability in mind. Read more about water conservation is a big part of green building.

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I like the addition, which could be bathroom or dining space. Smiling Woods Yurts :: Yurt Exteriors have a large deck. and french doors, bring the outside in, and the inside out!