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post-tartarus percy with jason

for all you Percy Jackson lovers #percyjackson (fan art does not belong to me)

magnus chase fanart - Pesquisa Google

Go Percy, go Percy, go Percy, go Percy NEVER NOT REPIN

Haha I'm loving the Nico/Jason bromance

theory: stray cats swarm percy all the time in new rome because he smells like the ocean. he doesn’t really mind but he has mentioned that he feels profiled.

After all the times I've seen this I just now realized "praetors" is misspelled. This BOTHERS me.

Omg just look at how perfect the characters personalities are portrayed. Annabeth and Percy are of course deeply in love and looking at each other. Frank is hopelessly and sweetly committed to hazel, and while she does love him, she's always watching over her brother Nico-- literally. Then there Jason, looking all dreamy eyed at piper, completely ignoring the fact that Leo and Piper are playing a miniature game of tug-of-war with their strings. Amazing