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What Legendary Being Are You From Mythology and Religion?

Ifrit - Mito Árabe: um tipo de gênios que é descrito como uma enorme e voadora, criatura de fogo. Eles podem ser bons ou maus, mas eles são na sua maioria mal.

#Mythological Creature - Succubus

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I hate not knowing the source of my extinction. It is probably Thanatos.

Héstia (ou Vesta, na mitologia romana) é a deusa grega do lar e dos laços…

THE EIGHT: Ignus - Lord of Flame. Ignus is one of the most powerful fire demons in existence: he even rivals Surtr, Lord of the Fire Jotuns. His whip can carve through celestial metals and blessed weapons like they're nothing.

#mage #guardian #spirit #phoenix

# 'Elemental demons are neither good nor evil, neither benevolent nor malevolent, by nature; thus, they may be employed for either good or evil purposes. It is not the demons, nor the calling of them, nor magical art that is evil, rather, it is the use that evil men may make of magical art that is evil.