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A couple of days ago, I realized that "Lester" is in cholesterol, and I began to image a few different photoshop possibilities.

ok but dan literally said he was borrowing the sweater from phil omg sinking this ship

All I have on sims is me married to my town full of only V J M T. Basically all I listen to is PTV and all I wear is their merch and it's been like this for a while.

Just because I play the piano doesn't mean I'm not willing to take you down. I'm sorry. ~Tyler Joseph

~Tyler Joseph<<coconut coconut sHARKS IN THE WATER wait the lyrics are written with comic sans are you serious

Pierce the Veil or One Direction :P

Pierce the veil. Pierce the veil. Pierce the veil! Way to go Austin Carlile!

I was laughing until the MCR one.... Then I bawled my eyes out for an hour... Thanks for that

but seriously twenty one pilots is so hard to describe. like, "yeah, if you like hearing dudes screaming at ukuleles and rapping to piano then you'd def like Tøp" then P!atd, it depends on the album. Don't even talk about MCR

this man is amazing, i love him so much. i want mcr back together....... bad

I swear the way band memebers write is the reason why I link all my messy letters