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Mama y sus hijos

Poor mama (recently spaid) nurses her 10 pups. I had a kitty who did this. She was spaid 6 weeks post partum and nursed her kittens until they were 6 months! She was a teenaged mom who didn't know better!

All Creatures Great and Small: Effyeahbassethounds


Oh my it melted!

Looks like a Dali paintings. Instead of a melting clock, it's melting ears

Dogs and their cute babies

Dogs and their cute babies

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* * " Hey son, de human overs here willz love ya like me does, plus brings yoo overs to visit."

* * " Hey son, de human overs here willz loves ya like me does, plus brings yoo overs to visit. Yoo be disowin' me! Me kin see dat. Yoo hads one offspring, me. Whys ya gotta do me dis way?

L'amicizia di un animale non conosce limiti, le immagini che toccano il cuore

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Basset Flash & Dexter

Missing my Bassets, DD and Coco soooo much.

Whole Lotta Dogs Facebook post on 12/16/14

One of the most tolerant dog breeds is Beagle. The tolerance level of these Breeds is highest among other dog breeds. They can tolerate even the most energetic kids. These are the most easy going dog breeds. They are definitely not a breed for those looki

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These two remind me of my 2 baby boys Rocky and Fred. many years ago. But, not a day goes by that I don't see them both in my minds eye.