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The Dark Knight: Speed Art

The Dark Knight: Speed Art

Ra's al Ghul, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Clay Face

James Zapata-Batman Rogues Gallery art I am in love with this 2 face! The only one I'm not into is Ivy, honestly

Vintage Batman villains… This I would cosplay the crap out of!!!.. What would a catwoman look like?

Vintage Batman villains…

Funny pictures about Vintage Batman villains. Oh, and cool pics about Vintage Batman villains. Also, Vintage Batman villains.


Over at The Source, DC has unveiled several variant covers for upcoming books, including Greg Horn’s cover for The Flash . The Flash is scheduled to arrive in stores on June 23 June Related


Les illustrations de Shannon Trottman ( don& know what language this is in but good job Shannon!

Heath Ledger's Joker - The Dark Knight (2008)

"Why are you so serious?" The movie Dark Night is my favorite movie. I liked Joker rather than Batman. When Joker said "Why are you so serious" I felt this movie is going to be famous.

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My all-time favorite character in the DC universe, Nightwing - Richard (Dick) Grayson - art by Mark S.