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Always enjoy who you are and what you are doing. If it doesn't make you smile, don't do it.

A cat on a hot tin roof.

Next pet: Grey kitten (to blend in with the white/dark fur balls from Mabel & Vlad.


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Camera freezes moments that eye skips. Those moments are perfect and we enjoy seeing those in times to come. The perfectly timed photos are great assets.

Mom and Child spend time peacefully in the Sun. They cherish this time in the Sun, knowing time is fleeting.

This made me sooooo happy!! ...until I realized it was Photoshopped.... :(

Crazy Cat Lady Wedding Cake

21 Very Important Cat Plants  Whatever you do, don't water them!!

21 Very Important Cat Plants

21 Very Important Cat Plants Whatever you do, don't water them!

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* * WHITE CAT: "He stole me thunder! Either slow on de uptake, or he didz dat on purpose.

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