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El, El, El

No idea why people hate on her.she's absolutely beautiful and perfect for Louis :) Smith Calder

*le dead*

Eleanor Calder

Eleanor Jane Calder is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and the most AMAZING.I love her so much nobody knows how much I love her:) Xxxx

seriously though! some people are so stupid saying these girls are ugly! Elanor, Danielle and Perrie and the most gorgeous and beautiful girls in the whole entire world! and if anyone calls them ugly they are simply jealous of them. They are perfect in every single way and I would kill to look like them and have the amazing personalities that they have! You go girls!

I would seriously kill to be as gorgeous as Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie!

The lovely El

Eleanor Calder Attacked By Fans of One Direction & Louis Tomlinson While He Confronted Paparazzo ⋆ Paper Duchesses

Louis and Eleanor won cutest couple of the week in J12 mag! Congrats loves xx @Eleanor Calder @Louis Tomlinson

32 Adorb Pics of Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder

Louis and Eleanor won cutest couple of the week in mag! Congrats loves xx Smith Calder Bertasson Tomlinson so cute