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Ashton Irwin

when u photoshop Ashton as a gurl 😂💜☺️😘… >>> he kind of looks like Hannah from pretty little liars

Everyone needs Ashton skipping on their board tbh you're welcome

Everyone needs Ashton jumping rope on their board.>>> If you don't have Ashton skipping on your board I will judge you hahaha xxx

I've never seen this??>>>yea! when did this happen?? (Not that I'm complaining haha)

Vogue Beats on

lol he looks like those really old pictures of one direction. like the first professional pictures they ever took as a band.

I don't know what to do with myself

I don't know what to do with myself<<take me out of the oven because i am so done with life! this made my life better!<<<I'm done dead okay good bye world, hopes and dreams

Same  @Thorgirl5sos

when all of your friends are leaving but you have homework!