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SuperShockCheek-Pegacorn This deep violet in a satin finish is a combination of the most magical things (both figuratively and literally)

@cgoddessx Fruit Stand

SuperShockCheek-Fruit-Stand Meet all your favorite fruits makeup baby: a neon red orange in a matte finish

SuperShockCheek-Swift A rich deep warm brown in a matte finish – p.s. this name has nothing to do with our undying, fangirl obsession with Taylor Swift ;)

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek - Swift Described as matte, seems like a good contour color, although maybe a little dark for my skin tone!




It’s the all the hype, a crazy, unbelievable bright neon orange in a matte finish


You’ll be a stone cold fox in this mid tone warm coral in a satin finish FOX

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Best Price for Super Shock Pressed Pigment by ColourPop



Electric neon yellow green laced with multi-dimensional glitter. Don’t worry you’re not high, this shade really IS that bright

Colourpop Blush Quarters - румяна представлены в невероятно насыщенных матовых оттенках. По текстуре напоминают что-то среднее между сухими и кремовыми.

Colourpop Румяна Quarters

Mid tone peachy coral blush - in remembrance of the OG drinking game.


Plump up those lips and make then super soft by exfoliating with this sugar based yummy lip scrub

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Partridge

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Thames from colourpop! (Blush)

Matte Blush: Is it Sebastian, or is this warm rose in a Matte finish making you blush?

Always be prepared with a prenup - a mid-tone plum pink in a satin finish

prenup blush - a mid-tone plum pink in a satin finish (use with bite opal lipstick for a c.

Bill. (Meet Bill a muted plum beige with a Matte Finish.) My Newest Addition to my Matte Obsession!

(Meet Bill a muted plum beige with a Matte Finish.) My Newest Addition to my Matte Obsession!

SuperShockCheek-More-Please cant wait to see this on!!

Bright Blushes For The Win Colourpop More, Please

Rex_grande Black drenched with multiple shades of blue glitter, to be perfectly honest, this shadow is just downright badass. No description needed.

ColourPop SuperShock Shadow in Rex