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Nico bubblegum headcanon + undercut + aphrodite!God Swap AU how awesome is that. | art by sabertooth-raccoon

“. Take me back to where the buildings broke the sky and where people were always hurrying by.” ---- this is @ pic by architect.of.olympus on instagram. She even took this pic!!!

nico as an aphrodite kid! nico and piper would be unstoppable siblings tbh this is honestly my new favorite thing

solangelo in the future omG I JUST EWHUJNUJEKHUD

sabertooth-raccoon: “Yeah, girl. Percy is that way.” Art by sabertooth-racoon (the coolest artist in the PJO fandom)

Will: son of Apollo | art by sabertooth-raccoon. Honestly I'm not a big fan of Will but this is a good fan art:)

viria percy jackson jason - Google Search