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I'm neither a tomboy nor a girly girl xp


Street dance-oh perfect, my friend asked me to replicate this photo, and now I know the original not just from memor

ballet best friends #BestFriends #Ballerina #dancephotography,

ballet best friends #BestFriends #Ballerina #dancephotography,

Another great black and white. Dance. Ballet. Pointe. Posing. ♥ www.thewonderfulworldofdance.com #ballet #dance

Beautiful Black and White Photo of Girl en Pointe

DC ballerina photographer- Abby Grace

Jane- a DC cherry blossom ballerina session Photo By Abby Grace Photography.

Cute young confident Ballerina.  I have seen several argumentative comments about this photo.  The young girl is posed but definitely did her part by exuding attitude and confidence in her pose for the photographer. This photo is from a Russian photography website where photographers can display their photos, have peers rate their work and compete to win in several categories which gives them exposure to the world. The majority of them are regional to Russia, Asia and Europe.

Awe-Inspiring confidence pose by a kid.

little girl dancer - Google Search

tiny ballerina-oh how I love to dance. Ballet is a true art in honest and required discipline of mind, body and spirit.

An Isadora Duncan moment...

To live! Like a tree alone and free, like a forest .

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes

Style and Create - Soft pastells and amazing windows

Would love for my future baby girl to wear this

Little Ballerina cute girl pink sweet ballerina baby dance ballet toddler tutu

Damn, I am dancing on a manhole cover.....!

Omar Z Robles Photography Yukie Spruijt

At our greatest moments and through our greatest feats, there is no audience to view us.

Black and white ballet picture

Find which Princess you are most like. Sorry in advance this is my first quiz.

Which Disney Princess Do You Look Like?

Which Disney Princess Shares Your Personal Style?

Quiz: Which of Stiles Stilinski’s Quotes on Teen Wolf is Your Life Motto? Read…

Teen Wolf Stiles Stilinski Quote, Dylan O'Brien Personality Match Quiz

Which of Stiles Stilinski's Teen Wolf quotes is meant to be your life motto? Take the personality match quiz on Dylan O'Brien's character to find out.

James Nicholls

How much of a Tom Hiddleston are you?

James Nicholls