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A couple of sketches of kinda chibi cats.

A couple of sketches of kinda chibi cats.

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Telekinesis is an uncommon ability in the Network, it requires not only a crapload of practice but also innate ability. BrainSpew the


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Sorry, this one's a bit short, I haven't actually been sketching digitally in a long time, so obviously some of these are somewhat old. On the bright side, I'll be uploading a ton of traditional sk.

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Originally Posted: May 2009 ----- PFFFT. So whada we have in this load of spew? Doberman, demon, and skull were commissioned by ~eyenod for web desi. BrainSpew the

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Wanted to get this posted and off my plate before classes start tomorrow, yippee. This semester should be the easiest semester ever and leave me tons of. BrainSpew the

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