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The World Owl Trust works on owl conservation on a global scale, and they have members in many countries around the world.

Good things come in small packages Saw-Whet Owl (Photo by Megan Lorenz)

Did a project on these in elementary school! Saw-Whet Owl (Photo by Megan Lorenz) - awesome animals


It Appears This Gorgeous Blind Owl Has Awe Inspiring Constellations In His Eyes. These eyes reminds me of the fantasy stories we were told as kids, full of wounder and awe

https://flic.kr/p/dmyge | Coruja Murucututu | Coruja Murucututu Spectacled Owl - Pulsatrix perspicillata  Salvador - Bahia - Brasil 2005

Coruja Murucututu Spectacled Owl - Pulsatrix perspicillata - Salvador-Gahia-Brazil 2005 by Ricardo Kuehn


During a visit to the cemetery around sunset time, I came across this beautiful Owl. The Owl was very noisy, perched on top of someones gravestone. I ran back to the car and luckily enough when I returned the owl was still around.

www.owls.org / ... Brown madeira coruja Flickr foto de junis_sp en.wikipedia.org / ... por FATIMA CACIQUE

The Brown Wood Owl (Strix leptogrammica) is an owl which is a resident breeder in south Asia from India and Sri Lanka east to western Indonesia and south China. THE VERY NATURE OF BROWN

A nice perched hawk owl, photo by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr

The northern hawk-owl (Surnia ulula) is a non-migratory owl that usually stays within its breeding range, though it sometimes irrupts southward. It is one of the few owls that is neither nocturnal nor crepuscular, being active only during the day.

cabure-acanelado - Nome Científico: Aegolius harrisii (Cassin, 1849) - Nome em Inglês: Buff-fronted Owl | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Buff-fronted Owl (Aegolius harrisii) found in the highlands of South America

Owl in the tree

Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo) looking out from a tree cavity, Netherlands by Rob Reijnen/ Minden Pictures on Getty Images