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Praia da Costa, Vila Velha (ES)

Willem Kalf - Old Woman in a Kitchen

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Signs Your House Is Haunted And What To Do About It. Plus A Great Ghost Story.

On Halloween Night 1961 This House Was The Scene Of A Horrific Triple Murder. Two Peoples Heads Were Cut Off And Rolled Down The Steps. A 94 year old woman's body was never found though it is known she was murdered that night. Who did the gruesome triple murder has never been discovered. It happened though on Halloween night 1961. That much we do know. Who did it or why we don't know. Ever since that night there have been reports of paranormal activity in the house.

This 122 Year Old Woman Has The Most Important Secret To A Life Of Longevity

Selu - corn Goddess (later replaced by Santa Clara) Fiesta de Santa Clara among Pueblo Native Americans

When you think Margaret Hamiliton it’s easy to picture a crotchety old woman with an icy stare and menacing disposition. I mean, she is the woman who portrayed The Wicked Witch of The West, one of the most timeless villains to ever grace the projected screen. However, it’s interesting to know that apparently, in this thing we like to call real life, she was quite the opposite. By all accounts, she was a gentle, soft-spoken professional, always committed to her work even after...

Guide to Ghosts

paranormal pictures | Guide to Ghosts - A Guide to Ghosts and Hauntings