Don't know the artist - beautiful painting, I assume of Little Red Riding Hood.

Taras Loboda Silvia, oil on canvas, 78 x 63 cm, private collection. Taras Loboda was born in Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine but currently lives and works in Prague. He is the son of a famous Ukrainian artist. He stated painting at an early age and.

Ressam REMZİ TAŞKIRAN - Türkiye

Festival of colors in the paintings of the Turkish artist Remzi Taşkıran .

Art submission by Artist Mahnoor Shah for an art competition by the Director General of Sindh Tourism and Culture Department.

Remzi Taşkıran

Remzi Taşkıran, 1961

Ramzi Taskiran is a prominent Turkish artist who was born in Adiyaman in His artworks are influenced by the landscapes and people of Istanbul