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"Without struggle there is no progress" not a fan of the placement, size or font but i love this quote


tattoo quotes with hearts on rib cage - Our paths may change as life gose on, but the bond between us remains forever strong

Dream without fear. Love without limits. by mmmm94

Dreaming without fear, fear of all the work ahead to make a dream a reality. Loving without limits, limits on myself and of others.truly allows the soul to reconcile with the ego and bring into form all that is possible!

Dare to dream - cute-tattoo.com

I love this drawing! The birds coming from the feather bring feelings of freedom and solidarity. I wonder if I could pull that off as a tat. Without the dare to dream.


'The will to live will always outweigh the ability to die' (cool font as well). FOR THE FONT ONLY

Bind My Wandering Heart by Andy Luce. Temporary tattoos of scripture and words of truth.

Bind My Wandering Heart by Andy Luce

nice, zo fijn en toch zo mooi - http://www.tattooideascentral.com/nice-zo-fijn-en-toch-zo-mooi/

Tattoo: Let it Be. Location: Rib Cage Under Arm. Meaning: The Beatles - Let it Be. The Beatles - Attribution to my Father "Stephen Withr.


My princess i think of you all the time your always on my mind forever in my heart you are everything to me my love for you it's amazing and true so blessed to have you in my life

destroy everything you love . before everything you love destroys you- the font

Aim high. Prov 31.

"She is clothed in strength + dignity and laughs without fear." Words of wisdom, yo.words of wisdom.

let your fears go...

let your fears go. Love the placement. This might actually be what I get as my first tattoo. I have a fear of needles, but tattoos intrigue me. Maybe a reminder to overcome my fears, that it's not as bad as it seems?

I love this...  Just a different typography

Lifes roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors. Not a huge fan of the whole quote being tattooed, kind of big. but I love anchors and the quote is perfect.

anchored... I like this.. Think maybe I need to ponder this... Maybe tattoo it on my body lol

i refuse to sink tattoo. I love it and am thinking thats what i want to for a new tattoo