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Valentine Botelin following her autopsy on September 14, 1904. After her head and hair were cleaned, the police were able to observe wounds made by three projectiles from a firearm on the woman's temple and left cheek.

Photos from Murder Scenes in Turn-of-the-Century Paris

The photographic archive of the Paris Police Prefecture contains millions of images that date back to the beginning of the century.

I wonder if she felt the hand? Go Ghosting! Angie

Ghostly object hiding in this photo will REALLY creep you out. The dismembered hand gives the linen girl's shoulder a squeeze

British Killer IQs Infographic

Crime + Investigation is a TV channel exploring the who, what and why of real crime for over 10 years.

A newspaper cutting featuring Grace MacDaniels. She was known as the 'Mule-Faced Woman' and was part of a traveling circus who labeled her the 'ugliest woman in the world'.

The 'Mule-Faced Woman' who received a string of marriage proposals and had a white wedding

The FBI.gov website reveals that the U.S. government knew Hitler was alive and well - living in the Andes Mountains in Argentina long after World War II had ended. The world has been repeatedly told for the last 70 years that on April 30 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground...

Treasure trove of documents released by the FBI includes hundreds of unsubstantiated reports claiming that Hitler faked suicide and escaped to South America.

6 True Stories from History Creepier Than Any Horror Movie

6 True Stories From History Creepier Than Any Horror Movie

Crime Scene #Science - The Methods Used - #infographics #police — Framed Lightscap3s, LLC

Crime Scene #Science - The Methods Used - #infographics #police


Forensic Of Criminal Defense: How Criminals Are Caught