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50 seres inacreditavelmente azuis

Kiwa Hirsuta (Yeti Crab) - This cute crustacean was just discovered in 2005 , in the South Pacific Ocean. It’s defined by its yellow or white furry arms.

I LOVE Hyacinth Macaws! There is one at a store near me and he is so pretty, but his beak scares the crap out of me!

Funcionários do zoológico localizado na cidade de Hefei, na província de Anhui, na China, fizeram uma experiência para estimular a harmonia entre espécies diferentes de animais. Colocaram um filhote de macaco rhesus da espécie Macaca mulatta e um filhote de tigre no mesmo ambiente. O resultado? Os dois animais brincaram juntos como se fossem irmãos! Confira as fotos na galeria a seguir.

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50 seres inacreditavelmente azuis

Bluejay - WOW, now that's blue!.It looks really pretty. Please check out my website Thanks.

funny road labels photo - Google Search

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The Wild Frogs, Newts and Salamanders That Have Eluded Cameras for Decades

Glass frogs are so-named because their translucent skin provides a surprisingly revealing window into their internal organs. These frogs are often good indicators of environmental health, being particularly sensitive to toxins and changes in climate. This species (Hyalinobatrachium ruedai) is one of several that are commonly found in the Chocó forests of Colombia. (All Photos: Robin Moore/bioGraphic)