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"Wait. I'm the baby sitter?" Anna and Emma - 4 * 10 " Shattered Sight"

Mal Régio,Ida,Mamãe,Era Uma Vez,Oncer,Eles Irão,Thought,Gonna Kick,She'S Gonna

Except for Graham. He's pretty dead. *spoiler to those who haven't seen the latest episode* I might cry if Rumple and Pan are actually dead.

Such an innocent phrase sounds so menacing coming from Pan

BRING BACK PAN I mean he was on season 5 but he's like actually dead after rumple put dat heart in him dat had the river of lost souls water lol

Cruella and Her Mom - 4 * 18 "Sympathy for De Vil"

Captian Hook and Ursula - 4 * 15 "Poor, Unfortunate Soul"

{4x16} Emma Swan [Photo taken by @onceuponatimeinstorybrook on Instagram]

Sassy Bandit Regina, was so not ready to say goodbye to her. I thought it was hilarious that she gradually just started answering to Henry calling her "mom" even though she thought he was nuts.