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Whoa.... that was beautiful

Writing challenge: read forward as someone being murdered read backward read as murderer perspective

47.4 mil Me gusta, 611 comentarios - Writing Prompts (@writing.prompt.s) en Instagram: "If you could only think out loud...would this affect your reputation for the better? Yes or no?"

‘Ugh I don’t want to talk to him’ I thought, flinching as I awaited his reaction. It went on like this for a few months when l realised was literally the worlds last chance at freedom.

"A good villain should leave you wondering what, exactly, separates you and the protagonist from them. A good villain should make you feel empathy, should make you understand how they got to be where they are, should be a little bit uncomfortably close to home. That's what makes villains interesting."

So true, the best villains always share something in common with the protagonist, it gives the story meaning and moral

I actually did like country when I was younger, but then it all became "dude-bro" or "I'm not a dude-bro, I'm a REAL country guy".

Yea like,, I'm sure there is some good country music out there but I don't really want to be associated with redknecks

Protect yourself from self-defeating thoughts. 10 examples of changing negative thoughts into positive truth!

Protecting Yourself from Self-Defeating Thoughts {Part 3

Stop listening to those Family voices in your head. God-sized approval is unique It washes over our souls.wish I would have known long before poor choices and identifying as not good enough.

His name is Adam and he’s back from the pit and Michael’s out of him

While cleaning your attic, you find a box of glass balls with names on them. You accidentally drop one, and as soon as it shatters, a person appears.

"Yeah! We can't start paragraphs or make margins, thanks to our lack of indents! What the hell? We're WRITERS!"

Saved lives.

'BUT YOU BEGGED ME TO!' - you wanted to scream at them as they looked at you with hate. They no longer knew who you were and only that keeped them safe.

I will write an example story to this conversation going on between Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark.

" "Then why are we skipping school? When I said restrain myself, I meant like not murdering anyone, skipping school hardly counts as trouble." "NOT MURDERING SOMEONE? THAT'S what you consider restraining yourself?

Me for the past 3 months, I still miss you. Seems like more and more as the seconds, minutes, hours, days and nightd