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#Brazil is the largest producer of #citrine. Other sources are Argentina, Madagascar, Zaire, Namibia, Spain, and Russia. #montashjewellerydesign

Milenyum Mining cut this 121.65-carat pear-shaped csarite from a 430-gram (2,150-carat) piece of rough. The company said it expects the stone to retail for close to $1 million.

70 million year old ammolite fossil. Amazingly beautiful!

Tsavorite garnets come from Kenya’s Tsavo National Park – home to elephants, lions, giraffes, and other wildlife. Its bewitching hue has made it sought-after and expensive. Courtesy of Michael Couch & Associates, West Des Moines, Iowa.

3.18 carat Cushion Natural Alexandrite

This 19.69 cts tourmaline comes from Mozambique. Its brilliant color comes from copper. Lapis Lazuli has been cherished since antiquity. The finest quality specimens frequently come from Afghanistan. Gems courtesy of Mayer & Watt, Maysville. Kentucky.

Intense Rose Spinel Burma The palette of reds, pinks, mauves and magentas offered by fine quality spinels, when they can be found, make them a sought-after stone by jewelers seeking to create one-of-a-kind fashion forward pieces which can coordinate with ladies' wear. The present stone is definitely this type of gem with its rich intense rose hue with flashes of magenta and pink. It is easy to understand the fascination and love of this gemstone species throughout the centuries. 10.28…

41.80ct Bluish Purple California Kunzite, Oceanview Mine, Big Kahuna Zone approx late 2010

The-Moussaieff-Red-Diamond The price is $7,000,000.00. This astonishing gem is color red and has a definite size of 5.11 K or 1.022 grams. It has a cone shaped precisely cut that is appraised as striking red according to the intense observation and study of the American Gemological Institute. This gem is a little bit smaller compare to other highly valued diamond but according to the AGI, so far, it is the largest red diamond ever appraised.

#Onyx has a waxy to dull lustre and is typically #opaque, however it is typically free from inclusions! #montashjewellerydesign