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metropolis | movie classic, directed by fritz lang (1927)

Fritz Lang’s 1927 work, Metropolis, was a key example of German expressionist film and is considered as one of the first, if not the first, science fiction film

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Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang in Remembering German Expressionism as a protest against dehumanising effect of industrialisation and growth of big cities,Metropolis is the most significant film of the expressionist movement .

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'Metropolis' by Fritz Lang, 1927

It is difficult to see in still shots but Brigett Helm has the longest fingers that I have ever seen on a woman. 'Metropolis' by Fritz Lang, 1927

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The Robot Clone of Maria, brainwashes the workers.

The Robot Clone of Maria, brainwashes the workers.

Metropolis de Fritz Lang

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8 Science Fiction Movies That Accurately Predicted Future Technologies-- Metropolis


Robots can be sexy. The false Maria from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, with “her” inventor, Rotwang (Rudolf Klein-Rogge)