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What a hoot! That tongue. those wrinkles. (I can feel her pain. Somedays holding up all my wrinkles is exhausting!

Pug + Beagle = Puggl #pug + Beagle = Puggle

Pug + Beagle = Puggl #pug + Beagle = Puggle

We are this close to Friday

Today is "thinking Thursday"! Think of me for your real estate agent when you are ready to change your address!

what could be cuter that a pug puppy?

Little pug praying for a treat. My first Pin! Of course, it has to be of a Pugalicious Puggie!

Ahhh, Mondays, got the bed to myself...

21 Dogs Who'd Really Rather Not

Does your dog sleep between you, under the covers, with his head on the pillow? The dog who wants to sleep on your bed isn’t trying to take over the world.

doggy leg warmers?! #pug #cute #puppy

pug leg warmers I guess Murphy was deprived. He didn't have pug leg warmers!

Dino Puppy #dog #puppies

Here is a photo of a boston terrier dog snoozing in a red dinosaur sweater. Is this the least ferocious dinosaur that ever existed in this world?


free Black Pug Puppy wallpaper, resolution : 1920 x tags: Black, Pug, Puppy.

Cute puppy dog

These wrinkly shar pei puppies are so cute in such a silly way! Enjoy the top 10 cutest shar pei puppy pics I could find :) While you're at it, check out

So cute!

Pug puppy is the cutest! My heart always belongs to pugs.

French Bulldog Minions…

Funny pictures about French Bulldog Minions. Oh, and cool pics about French Bulldog Minions. Also, French Bulldog Minions.