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Adaptogens are a category of herbs that can help you to handle stress. Adaptogenic herbs support the HPA axis, boost energy levels, improve sleep and strengthen the immune system. Examples include Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, Ginseng, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, Schisandra, and Red Reishi.

Boost Your Child's Body With This Adaptogenic Herb Blend | - help your child deal with sickness and stress with this DIY adaptogenic herb blend. It tastes great!

Ashwagandha benefits / Ashwagandha uses : This herb is considered an adaptogen which is a nontoxic herb that works on a nonspecific basis to normalize physiological function, working on the HPA axis and the neuroendocrine system. Ashwagandha is effective for insomnia but does not act as a sedative.its rejuvenative and nervine properties produce energy which in turn help the body to settle and sleep. Thus it helps the body to address a stress related condition rather than masking i...

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List of Adaptogenic Herbs to Relieve Stress, and Their Other Uses

Adaptogens are natural substances that work through the adrenal glands to produce adjustments in the body that help combat stress and increase your resistance to it. (they are ok to use for daily stress) This pin is for: 10 Most Common Adaptogenic Herbs & Their Uses (Also, see this site for a complete list as I couldn't pin it )

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Rhodiola Benefits: Burning Fat & Beating Depression -

Rhodiola Rosea known as “golden root” is an adaptogen herb with extreme fat burning, energy enhancing and brain boosting power. 250-500mg 2x daily, 15 min before meals.

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What Are Adaptogens. Herbs that adapt to what your body needs. My favorite is #ionixsurpreme