Tom Hiddleston believes in hugs.<< I think if we were being honest we all just mean that we believe in hugging Tom Hiddleston

The last comment is so accurate.

Well people need to make it clear to him. Loki's hurt, not evil. We need a Loki movie where he feels loved.<< WE NEED A LOKI MOVIE

My dream home

He is too perfect to even exist on this rotten planet. My feels are in deep, deep shit.

Thor, you're seriously telling LOKI, God of MISCHIEF, to be a good little boy? <-- lmao Tom's face though!

Every villain is a hero in their own minds. Except Joker. He knows he basket case.

Tom Hiddleston: I've done Shakespeare, and now I've played a superhero. / Real life footage of Tom's inner child. / Tom, you played a villain. / Loki is the hero of his own story leave him be.

Like who's says that!?!? Apparently Tom Hiddleston! <=== well he does tell them that they can do anything they want to him.

A nicer human cannot ever exist whilst one still lives. And Tom Hiddleston will be that person even when he -*sob- dies