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kodiakstag: “ Put your hand on a stove for a minute & it feels like an hour, Sit with a beautiful girl for a hour & it feels like an minute. This is how Albert Einstein defined Relativity, But I believe that youth is relativity. That you could spend.

I love you

This is like my favorite thing ever. Like love this so much. Just doing this at random times shows how much the care is

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Boy meets girl, girl meets guy and they fall madly in love. Well, at least that's how we wish things played out.

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summer love // #beachbum #planetblue

"don't you dare push me!" I screamed and laughed. He pulled at my arm and giggled. I gripped the "no diving" sign. Oh the irony as he cried "then push me you silly! I loved him in that moment.

Living Young

6 secretos sobre los hombres que toda mujer debe saber

I can just picture my hubby and myself in the front holding hands with Isaac and Gwen in the back seats as we drive down to "grandma's", aka my mother's house, for a good old carne asada.

*Imagination* Imagination: Is Art  When Someone tells me to stop imagining things. What I do is picture the idea in my head and then draw it out. I know people have diaries to write in but my diary is a pen and sketch book. That is not imagining things. I call that my life.

Rise & Shine Photos) Early mornings have a bad reputation. Nobody wants to wake up early. But then that’s modern living, I guess.