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Luzon Bleeding-heart dove, a species of ground dove, gets its name from a spatter of bright red color at the center of its white breasts. The red patch looks like a bleeding wound. But it isn't. It's just a natural color. The bird is perfectly healthy. Bleeding heart dove seldom leaves the ground. Whenever they fly off, it's to get into their nests. All praise be to Allah Almighty.

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Black-faced Spoonbill: Adult black-faced spoonbills have red eyes and yellow patches on their cheeks. Male black-faced spoonbills can be distinguished from females by their longer bills; while the bills of immature birds are a pinkish-grey rather than black.

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Hoary Redpoll: Small finch (exilipes), buff-gray, brown-streaked upper parts and brown-streaked white underparts washed pink. Head has red cap, black chin patch. Black wings with two white bars. Rump is pale gray or white with few or no streaks. Black tail is notched. Black legs and feet.