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Pensamentos, Citações e Coisas do Género... Thoughts, Quotes and Those Sort of Things...: Amor é... dar um pé de dança, juntos.

Love is. cutting a rug on the dance floor, together.

Baby bole hai mild chickenpox hai 2 dawai de hai aur bole sb kr skte ho koi restriction ni hai ☺️

Love is. James Courtney Bellah and Ashlyn Nicole Howard Forever Soul Mates ! I Luvs Her ,and She Luvs Him ! Together We Luvs Us !

Love Is....

Love Is. making someone's heart smile. I do try the hardest,not sure he knows this.

Love is...knowing you'll be loved until the end of time.

Hey there beautiful! Thinking about out, ok like that is something new . I was wondering if you talked to your doctor yet. I hope you did and I hope everything is ok.

we do this ALL the time hahaha

This is you and me baby any night of the week - I love dozing on the couch with you! Love is. Comic Strip, Love Quotes, Love Pictures - Love is. Comics - Comic for Wed, Sep 2013

What keeps you going

Love is. what keeps you going on a rough day. (by Kim Casali, conceived by and drawn by Bill Asprey)

El amor es ... seguir sosteniendose entre sí cuando ocurre un desastre.

Love is."still having each other when disaster strikes.Staying together in the Good but also in the Bad times❤.