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Yes Marshall Lee, I will!

Fairy tail - Natsu, Gray, Elfman, Lisanna, Cana, Erza, Mira and Gildarts ♡

-Funny play with my hair? -I like. You look wild. -Wild? -Ha! -Like a lion! -Get back here! The king wants to play! -Nope! -Do you defy the king? -Q...Quinn, I know those eyes. Please...Please D... -Don't! -Raawr -Never defy the king! -Ha ha ha! Q. Please! -Never. -He...Here... -Rach. -Uh? -Be my lion queen.

I will take these scrolls and learn the ways of bending. Then I will be the avatar

707, Mystic Messenger >>> Stuff like this makes me want to save up more hourglasses quickly

Up The Wolves - grace–upon–grace: Mio Monasch