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Um, now I need a duckling.

La cute little ducklings and kitty. JUST like the aristocats! OMG Thomas O'malley as kitten and the Gobble sisters as the duckling!


self-satisfied le chef kitty on the recipe board- you knew it had to happen ^.

Happy Kitty ❤️

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Yep, it tends to get a little cold up here in winter.

Hilarious Truth About Cats That Every Feline Fan Will Relate To

From @millathecat: “Why does everyone laugh at my ears? Yours are too big!” #catsofinstagram [catsofinstagram.com] [source: http...

Scottish Fold ~ Lindoss gray kitten Just look at those eyes, ears and gray fur - what a…

Awww, this cat is adorable!

* * KITTEH WISDOM: "In allz de useful arts; de world be eithers standin' stillz or goin' backwards.

Bengal Cat | Look around!

"God made the cat to give Man the pleasure of caressing the tiger." --Victor Hugo Beautiful Bengal Cat too!

So cute and adorable!

Bengal cats are healthy and active.They do not usually suffer from most of genetic disorders present in Feline world.Bengal cats are domestic cats with a wild look. They have good long lifespan.Average lifespan for a Bengal cat is about years.