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How they work remember DON'T SWALLOW

Remember those little pink tablets the Dentist brought to school for you to chew during his lecture? Nobody could brush well enough to not have pink teeth! My friends all had pink teeth.

Remember getting these from the school dentist??...They don't even have a school dentist anymore!!

Dental disclosing tablets - the red ink stain to teach you how to brush teeth

I remember every single one of these characters!

Old Maid card game. Grandma had this too.loved playing card games with Grandma.

You couldn't play your records without one of these Adapters for the 45 rpm…

records had a large hole in the middle. And you couldn't play your 45 rpm records without those little yellow plastic inserts.

Remember Retro: Rainbow Buckle Belt!         MGFL!  www.facebook.com/thegirlfriendbook.com  www.thegirlfriendlife.com  www.thegirlfriendbook.com

Vintage rainbow stripe stretchy belt with gold metal buckles that link together, retro Adjustable, measures can stretch to In

This was my first cell phone! I carried it in that big heavy mini suitcase it came in. wow..brings back memories.:

Car phone/bag phones - this looks like my first "cell phone". Of course I had to attach an antenna to the outside of the car :)

If you ever owned a pair of jeans that looked like this, you might be a product of the 80's.  (btw, this pair is made by Zena.  Remember them?)

80s super HIGH WAIST jeans - ZENA harem jeans w/ distressed stone wash & pleated drop waist M / Medium

Zena Jeans, Late I was the first to wear baggy jeans lol oh boy

I remember...

drive thru kodak film developing

reminds me of being at the dentist

childhood memories colorforms

i had this exact set and i remember making up a story using the Charlie Brown colorforms as the storyboard and my grade teacher let me read it in front of everyone.

Random Facebook post

Remember when Halloween costumes were plastic and you couldn't breathe or see in the masks? I had the princess costume.

Remember when

Remember when

I had this exact swing set as a kid.too funny.

I had these exact sandals as a kid!

summer time, this is how we rolled. These were called thongs, not flip flops, as they are called today.