Sock Monkey Baby Sock Monkey

Sock Baby Sock Monkey- My little Corbin will be so adorable when we re-create this photo! Thanks to mom for making a sock monkey and hat!

Are you a Star Wars geek? Is the Jedi force in your baby's future? Babies look a bit like Yoda anyway; this hat only accentuates those little bug-eyes.

Yoda Baby Hat by PinkToad on Etsy Star wars geek are you, hmm? Of the Jedi in your baby's future is the force, hmm? Like Yoda anyway babies look. With this hat.

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Welcome baby Zahara - San Diego Newborn and Family Photographer - Stills by Hill Photography

So cute! I used to do that when the boys were newborns. No pics though. :(

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Funny faces are, well funny. Babies are even funnier. Babies making funny faces? My goodness.

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Popular Baby Names 2014: Best Predictions Based On Trends

To be done safely, shouldn't that still     use composites?

newborn photography Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Daniel LOVE THIS.this pose looks Natural and I love it SO much more than the propped up look using Composites. The everyday pose of a high school student!