Sunflower tattoo

Like this location a little bigger with the pettles up on top of my shoulder and multi colors

My new sunflower tattoo.

Jasmine flower tattoos are synonymous with the ladies. The Jasmine tattoos are feminine and attractive designs. A collection of jasmine tattoos.

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Pretty close to what I want. Maybe a little more realistic than what I'd like.

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Think minute in regards to detailing a sunflower tattoo. The sunflower tattoos can not ever be understood negatively. So you want a sunflower tattoo within the body. The sunflower on the shoulder… Continue Reading →

sunflower tattoo, this is what I picture for the vines

Sunflowers are very radiant and beautiful flowers, as a tattoo, it is even more perfect and meaningful. Check out 25 Sunflower Tattoo to Brighten Your Day.

#beautiful+#sunflower+#tattoo+by+Mikey+of+black+line+studio.jpg (406×283)

#beautiful+#sunflower+#tattoo+by+Mikey+of+black+line+studio.jpg (406×283)

Sunflower tattoo!

Pretty dramatic sunflower tattoo - Aside from the good photograph of this tattoo, the placement and dramatic effect of this sunflower tattoo captured me. This is my favourite so far.

Cherry blossom tattoo - Sakura

Cherry blossom tattoo - Sakura

Sunflower with Leaves Tattoo for Back Shoulder

An adorable looking sunflower tattoo on the back. The minimalist design of the sunflower and depicting it as a single entity adds to the simplicity and the beauty of the overall design itself.

Sunflower tattoo, because I could always use more flowers <33

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